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Manolis Ouds: Welcome

Manolis Ouds

Luthier, Oud Maker.

My name is Manolis Kaniadakis and I am passionate about Ouds.
I am intrigued by their physics, feel, sound, forms, history, mechanics and varieties throughout the globe.



Oud building belongs to the folk arts. The Oud is a Middle Eastern folk instrument, making the guidelines of its construction a lot less strict and absolute than the ones of the European classical instruments. 

When making an Oud, luthiers are allowed to implement their own ideas and aesthetics more freely. 

As a perfectionist, I am always invested in doing the best possible work in order to deliver beautiful, time unaffected, warm, deep and clean sounding Ouds.

The right Oud for you is the one that moves you.

Manolis Ouds: About
Manolis Ouds: Welcome

How it's done

Handmade instruments tend to form interesting characteristics as the small imperfections of a luthier's labor make each piece look, sound and feel unique. The long hours of work invested in making an Oud breathe life into the instrument. In other words, handmade instruments are ultimately one of a kind, leaving us luthiers with the intriguing challenge of endlessly chasing perfection.

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